How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-ups on Mac?

One of the most popular antivirus software that provides its users with strong security is McAfee. But, on Mac, the frequent pop-up that comes from McAfee can be annoying and disruptive to users. 

It does not matter if the notification is about scan results, updates, or subscription renewals; they are all annoying when you are working.

But in this article, we will discuss in detail how to get rid of McAfee pop-ups on your Mac and also cover different methods through which you can disable these notifications and get a better experience of using Mac. 


Various types of viruses can harm your Mac and get you in big trouble. To solve this issue the software is designed which is known as McAfee’s antivirus software this software prevents your Mac from different kinds of threats such as malware, and phishing attacks. It is highly effective, but its major disadvantage is its frequent pop-ups which are annoying for Mac users. In this article, you will know why the pop-up comes in your Mac and how you can effectively manage or stop this pop-up. 

What are the different types of McAfee Pop-ups

The different types of McAfee Pop-ups are:

Update Reminder: This is the pop-up that you will receive when there is any update of the software available.

Thread Alert: 

You will receive a threat pop-up on your Mac when any threat is detected. So, that you can take quick action and prevent your Mac from spam or any other issue.

Notifications for Subscription: 

This notification will help you to remember about the subscription renewals and also about the special offers. 

Scan Results:

 It Displays the results of the scheduled scans and also prompts for action that needs to be taken immediately.

Why McAfee Pop-ups Occur 

The McAfee Pop-ups Occur to protect your systems from different kinds of threats and it is done by providing the information about that thread in the form of a notification. Some of the other reasons why the McAfee Pop-ups Occur are: 

Update prompt: 

This pop-up occurs when there is any new update available for your software. This update helps to make your device more effective and also provides you with strong security to protect your device.

Scan Notifications:

 This pop-up occurs to inform its users about the scheduled scan results and also prompt immediate action if it is required.

By understanding the reason for pop-ups you can take necessary action to prevent your device from different kinds of harm.

How to Disabling McAfee Pop-ups Through the Software

To Disabling McAfee Pop-ups through the Software the first action you need to take is to manage your McAfee pop-ups. You can do this by exploring the settings which are inside the McAfee software itself. This provide you with numerous option through  which you can easily schedule scans, adjust notifications, and turn off alerts.

Adjusting Notification Settings

Follow this simple steps to adjust notification settings within McAfee:

Open McAfee: 

From the Applications folder you have to launch the McAfee application

Settings Access: 

There you will see a gear icon click on it or  to find the setting you can navigate to the menu. 

Notification Settings: 

Look if there is any section available specifically for notifications.

Customise Notifications: 

According to your needs and requirements, adjust the settings. You can also disable different types of notifications or reduce their frequency.

Scheduling Scans

There are some of the Frequent scan notifications which you can control by the 

scheduling scans at any times that are fit for you:

Open McAfee:

 Launch the application of McAfee

Scan Settings: 

For the purpose to schedule scan you can 

Navigate to the section.

Set Scan Schedule: 

Choose any time when you use your Mac very less. For instance: it can be in the evening, night or early morning.

Save Settings:

This is the most important part in this you have to save all the changes if you want to apply the new schedule.

Turning Off Alerts

There are certain alerts you get in your Mac which are unnecessary. To disable all  of the unnecessary alerts. You can follow this steps:

Open McAfee:

 Access the McAfee application.

Settings of Alert:

 Find the section through which you can manage alerts.

Disable Alerts: 

In this step, you can turn off the alerts that you find are not necessary or reduce their frequency.

Managing Notifications via System Preferences

Apart from adjusting settings within McAfee, you also have an option to manage notifications with your Mac’s System Preferences.

Easy Steps to Manage Notifications

Open System Preferences: 

Go to the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences.”


 click on the “Notifications” icon.

Select McAfee:

You will see multiple applications. From that list you have to find and choose McAfee from the list.

Adjust Notification Settings: 

You have to Customise the settings of the

 notification. For that, You can choose to disable all the notifications or you can set preferences where you can select how and when the notifications will appear on your device.

This method makes sure that you have full control on how McAfee communicates with you with the help of the macOS notification centre.

Uninstalling McAfee

If you are too tired of McAfee pop-ups and you don’t want to receive them from now and you don’t want to keep the software, in this case you can uninstall McAfee. To uninstall McAfee you can use 

McAfee’s Uninstaller. Here is how to use it.

Using McAfee’s Uninstaller

There is a uninstaller tool in McAfee that can uninstall McAfee.

Download Uninstaller: 

Go the the McAfee website and download the uninstaller according to your version of the software.

Run Uninstaller: 

Follow the instructions provided on the 

on-screen if want to complete the process of uninstallation.

Restart Mac:

To make sure that all of the components are removed you can Restart your Mac.

Manual Uninstallation Steps

If you want to manually uninstall McAfee. Then , you can follow this easy steps:

Quit McAfee: 

Make sure that your McAfee is not running and if it is working then quit it.

Remove from Applications:

from the folder of the Applications drag your McAfee application.

Delete Associated Files:

There are some files which are associated with McAfee. If you see any file that is associated with McAfee then remove it.

You can find this in:

~/Library/Application Support/



Empty Trash:

For the success of the uninstallation process empty the trash.

Restart Mac: 

To make sure that all of the components are removed, restart your Mac.

Alternative Antivirus Solutions

If you make a decision to uninstall McAfee, then in this case it is very vital to 

consider alternative antivirus solutions. So that your Mac remains protected.

Recommended Alternatives:

Avast Security for Mac:

This provides you with a robust protection with very few pop-ups.

Sophos Home: 

This provides you with detailed security with a control which is user friendly.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac:

It is known for the effective malware detection and less impact on the performance of the system.

There are various features of each of these alternatives. So it’s worth exploring and selecting the one which best suits you according to your requirements and needs.

Troubleshooting of the Common Issues

If you follow the above steps carefully, then also you may face some common challenges. Here are some solution for them:

Pop-ups Still showing After you have Disabled the Notifications

If this issue of pop-ups still remains, then in this situation you can try the extra steps to get out of this problem. 

Check is there is any Software Updates: 

Make sure that your McAfee is up-to-date. Sometimes, updates consist of  bug fixes for notification issues.

Reinstall McAfee: 

First uninstall and after that reinstall the application. it will reset all the settings.

Errors During Uninstallation

If due to any reason you face errors during uninstallation, then you can take help from this following steps:

Safe Mode: 

First of all restart your Mac in Safe Mode and then again try to uninstall.

Contact Support: 

You can reach out to McAfee’s customer support for any kind of assistance related to uninstallation issues.


The pop-ups you get on your Mac can be bothersome, but if you take the right action, then you can manage and lower these interruptions. 

It does not matter if you choose to schedule scans, adjust notification settings, or uninstall the software, this guide provides you with detailed solutions through which you can improve your overall experience. 

Make sure that safety is very important. So, if you make a decision to remove McAfee, ensure you use other security measures to protect your Mac from the different kinds of threads and other issues.

If you follow the steps carefully, then you can be more focused on computing experience and free from constant interruptions, while still keeping your Mac secure.

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